January 23rd, 2021


Soup and a glass of wine (199.0)

I went to dinner with a friend tonight, and when we were seated I noticed a woman sitting at a nearby table. There appeared to be two soup cups, two glasses of water, and two drinks, but if there was ever a second person, we didn't notice. When she left, the other place setting had a full glass of water and a full glass of wine.

Was she dining alone -- but with food and drink for two? I even asked one of the restaurant staff who stopped by to refill our waters if there had ever been a second person sitting there, and she wasn't sure.

The scenario really sparked my imagination. Of course it's possible a dining companion left before we got there or before we were paying attention. Or was she dining with an imaginary friend?

It even occurred to me she might have been dining on her own "with" an absent companion, maybe even a deceased spouse. She had a mostly empty soda in front of her, and the full glass of wine was at the other seat. Maybe the wine was a late husband's pick?

This is almost a novel waiting to escape.
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