March 7th, 2021


✌🏻 V is for Vaccinated! Pfizer shot 1 on board. (200.6)

Saw late morning Thursday that there were apparently many new appointments added in Syracuse and Binghamton for this afternoon, and tonight's the first night of the overnight Johnson & Johnson vaccination clinic at the State Fairgrounds.

V is for Vaccinated!I've been eligible under Phase 1b, but wasn't rushing while supplies were limited. I decided with last-minute slots available, I might as well jump on board.
It also occurred to me there will likely be lots more available in Tompkins County soon, and I could wait for that, but I have the flexibility to go to Syracuse and not everyone does.

Thanks to the coworker who signed into our Thursday morning staff meeting as he arrived to the Binghamton vaccination site for cluing me in to the spike in availability.

I had no side effects to speak of. It's possible my sleepiness a little earlier than usual on Friday night was due to the vaccine, but it's just as likely it was just a long week. I did have slight stiffness in the muscle the injection went into, but certainly no more, and no longer, than for any other injection.

Maybe the second shot in just under three weeks will kick my butt! But I'm looking forward to being at least partially immunized.