March 10th, 2021


Plexiglass and clipboards! (200.0)

Interesting observation from bill_schubert that he wishes he'd bought stock in clipboards. "Things we really need in a pandemic: Plexiglass and clipboards." He had just gotten back from a vaccination site where there must've been at least a couple thousand clipboards in use.

I wish the signs at the vaccination site I visited last week hadn't been so adamant about no photography or video recording (right up to the point you were asked to point your phone camera at a QR code to submit a survey) so I could take a more casual look around the site after the fact. Now I'm even more curious how a TV station got permission to shoot in there during what looked like a pretty busy stretch. Surely they didn't get permission from each of the hundreds of people in there at the time.

Maybe I'll ask if I can get some photos for news coverage purposes on my second visit in two weeks.

There were a lot more laptops than clipboards at the Syracuse site from my recollection, as everyone seemed to be looking up or entering patient info on laptops. Definitely lots more clipboard action at the flu vaccine clinics on campus in the past, since there's generally no preregistration for those and everyone's asked to fill out forms while waiting in line. Stacks of clipboards and pens and multipart forms, and at least last year, someone sanitizing the ones that had just been used before they were handed to the next patient.
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