April 21st, 2021


Dreaming of driving? To a beagle? (203.0)

I know I've dreamt of driving before, but I'm pretty sure I'd never before last night (well, early this morning) dreamed of driving for Lyft. I meant to post about this this morning, so before I completely forget, I figure I should share it.

This wasn't just dreaming about Lyft driving.

This was Lyft driving where the assignment was to drive over to a large store to meet a beagle and pet the beagle.

So, yeah, this also wasn't just dreaming about driving, but about dogs! No idea why a beagle in particular, but I'm sure that's the kind of dog I was heading to see. Maybe it was Anabel.

I haven't done any Lyft or Uber driving in over a year, but I do know drivers have been hard to come by during the pandemic. Now that I'm fully vaccinated, maybe I should do a little more driving. I certainly have loads of spare miles on my lease mileage limit.

Lyft and Uber drivers are required by law to accept rides with service animals, but I've never had a passenger with a service animal in my car. I know I wouldn't be able to pet it anyway.