July 30th, 2021


Dreaming of Charlie, and of random dogs (206.2)

Slept more or less OK last night and don't recall any dreams, but much more restless the night before, and at least a couple of dreams stuck.

It's the first time in a long time I've dreamed about Charlie, my snake who died four years and two months ago. I used to have dreams about her that I decided were her telepathically telling me it was time to feed her (she ate every few weeks). In this week's dream, she was loose in the house (which did happen in real life a couple of times), for some reason I didn't have her tank available, and Molly wouldn't hand me one of the plastic tubs that was nearby so I could put Charlie in it.

Another dream a little later involved a dog lying on the floor at my feet when I was visiting someone, but it turned out to be two dogs when I reached down to pet the dog. (Me, petting a dog?! Imagine!)