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My visit to Poco

This morning I slept until almost 10, then got up, dealt with some of the overnight online idiocy, showered and dressed, and headed towards Groville to visit my pal Poco.

Poco's just the coolest little chihuahua, and he allows Aaron, Mike, and Ron to live with him in an absolutely beautiful house around the corner from Farrell's in Groton. I'd only seen pictures of the house so far, and I was very pleased to have the chance to visit in person. It looks great with a light coating of snow on the ground and trees, and the Christmas tree in the front window is perfect!

The house itself is very, very cool. fabunobo gave me the grand tour, though I realized after heading back towards town that we forgot to go out to the back yard briefly so I could see the waterfall. Next time! Meanwhile, Aaron's photos of the finished room upstairs don't do justice to the rich colors, a warm, inviting red with light beige trim. (Hoping Aaron will forgive me for not remembering the color's name!)

Technically, I was there to help set up their network so both Aaron and Mike could be online at the same time. They hadn't done anything wrong in their previous attempts; the cable connection actually wasn't working, thanks to either the splitter or the cable from the splitter to the TV being perhaps a little flaky. Had that not been an issue, there would still have been a little weirdness with Mike's XP machine, which utterly refuses to succeed in getting an IP address via DHCP from the router. So I gave it one, and got everything working.

Aaron bought me lunch at the Groton Hotel to thank me for my help (honestly, getting to hang out with Poco for a few minutes was thanks enough). The food was tasty, not extraordinary, but I love the building and the decor. We were in the bar area for our late lunch. Thanks to New York's smokefree workplace law, there was no smoke issue! I'd love to get back out there for dinner sometime; the dining room is very pretty, and they have a lovely tree up with old-fashioned decorations.

As we were finishing our lunch, a small gaggle of carolers wandered in and asked if they could sing for us. The bartender/waitress had wandered off, along with the other customers, so we were it. We said sure! They sang a couple of songs, and then left before wearing out their welcome. It must've been a school or church group; it was 10 or so teenage girls, a couple of adult women, and one man who seemed vaguely uncomfortable, as though he'd been ordered along for the afternoon.

Aaron and I finished up and walked back up the hill towards his place and my car, and I drove down to Wilson Farms to get some eggnog for this afternoon's party. The carolers were in there! "Are you following me!?"

Drove back, taking Sheldon Road, West Dryden Road, and Warren Road instead of 34B all the way back to Triphammer, so as to avoid Saturday afternoon mall traffic.

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