Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Just had a fun lunch with Joe Lalley, who I ran into at Wings Over Ithaca a few weeks ago and who said we should get together to chat about some stuff. He took me to lunch, him wearing his Clarity Connect (local ISP) hat and me wearing my WVBR (local radio station) hat.

They kinda want to rent tower space from us, but for a variety of reasons, it probably won't happen. We got all that out of the way soon after we'd ordered (we were at Souvlaki House) and then got to catch up on a lot of what we've each been up to.

Joe and I used to work together a lot when I was at Baka. I did most of the tech support (and sales as an extension of support) for his group over at Cornell. This was when they were primary using Macs; he says they've been using almost exclusively Windows, though Chuck's been trying to convince him to play with Mac OS X. A couple of things I said today may have convinced him to finally give it a try.

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