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"You said this was Earl Grey? I'd swear it was Darjeeling!"

It's dead around here. I won't be sticking around much longer (there's little point), but I'm definitely one of the last few. I'm trying to get a DVD-R to burn successfully with some data on it for a guy at Apple, and then I can get out of here. I keep getting "buffer underruns." I haven't used Toast to copy discs that much (it's Roxio's software that's very good at mastering, the Mac OS equivalent of their Easy CD Creator.)

I think there are two other people in here. I hope they're not offended that I keep exclaiming "Fuck!" when the disc writing fails.

Meanwhile, all the water coolers in the building are empty, because the water vendor hasn't delivered in a while. Duane says he called them Monday and they promised to deliver this morning, but I guess not. We actually have one of the bottles in back, here, for use filling the coffee pot, so I've had some fresh water for my pint glass.

Of course, it meant the hot water tap on the cooler in the kitchen had no water in it. I used the hot tap on the kitchen coffee maker, which did an adequate job making my cup of tea.

I'm hoping Rick doesn't need this overnighted, because I really don't want to go near any of the shipping places. I guess I could use a drop box somewhere.

7:24 to go on the disc burn. *crossing fingers*

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