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I left the office with a DVD I had to get into a UPS drop box, but let myself back in the locked front door of the office to see if there was one of those clear plastic sleeves that goes on the front of the UPS envelope that you put the waybill in. There was, I slipped the waybill in it, stuck it on the front of the envelope, and headed back out to get it in the drop box by 5.

Dropped off package, got home, keys not in pocket. Hm. I'm locked out.

It quickly became obvious where my keys probably were, since I used them to get back into the office. But on Christmas Eve, it could be a week and a half before I could get back in there!

I happened to have Laura's keys in my pocket, and she has one of my spares, so I went into her place to see if I could find it. No luck at her place or Denise's. I left a message on Denise's cell voicemail to ask her to call back and let me know where the spare was.

Thank goodness for wireless... I opened up my laptop and used my home wireless network to look up the phone number of a co-worker who might still be there. (He's even less of a morning person than I am, and is usually one of the few people left in the building when I leave.) He was there, he went to check the reception desk, and sure enough, my keys were there. I drove back over, and he opened the door and gave me my keys.


Denise called back a little while later (she heard my first message but not the "thanks, got 'em!") message and said she had my key with her for a change. Figures. :-)

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