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Merry Christmas to all...

I got to WVBR this morning to find a note from the regular morning jok saying "I know you don't celebrate it, but Happy Christmas anyway." Well, I do celebrate it! Just not the same way as some folks. :-) I sent Jeff an e-mail thanking him, wishing him likewise, and saying I do celebrate Christmas... but focusing more on DJing, Chinese food, and movies than on that nice Jewish boy who was born a couple of millennia ago.

My holiday also isn't really about presents, though I do try to give holiday gifts to a few friends as well as the Hanukkah gifts for my family. I've received a couple of really nice gifts this year, including a gorgeous and comfy hand-knit scarf from a friend, and a kick-ass professional grade bar blender from my parents. (Woo! Frozen margaritas! And carrot soup!)

We've got a bit of a white Christmas; most of the snow on the ground melted over the last couple of warm and/or rainy days, but it's been flurrying all morning. I'll spend the next couple of hours babysitting the studio, get some lunch at Ling Ling on the way home (they'll be open), and then try to get a couple of things done today before the weekend. Looking forward to seeing a couple of out-of-town friends.

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