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After several previous attempts, I managed to get Phil's office computer at the station (a Power Mac G3 running 10.2) to print over the network to the Epson inkjet printer hooked via parallel port to an ancient Windows 98 box whose sole purpose in life seems to be to frustrate Jeff every day. If it were a newer machine with a newer Windows it would be easier on everyone, but this machine just receives faxes and talks to databases.

One advantage to being here with no one else on Christmas morning, and letting the computer do a little of the actual disc-jockeying for me, is that I can work uninterrupted on something like that. Unfortunately, this G3 is too old to run the latest Mac OS X, Panther (10.3), which makes printing to shared printers on nearby Windows machines quite seamless. Jaguar (10.2) is very good at accessing shared Windows folders, and letting Windows users access its shared folders, but printing across the great divide is a more recent development. (Of course, this isn't an issue if you're actually using networked printers. Macs print to them fine.)

The nice thing about Mac OS X being a Unix operating system is that you can download and install gimp-print and Ghostscript, two popular Unix utilities for printing to a wide variety of printers in ways that include SMB (Windows networking protocol), and then the Mac just uses them. It took a little close reading of the instructions, and it finally worked.
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