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I smell of BBQ...

Got moving early today to drop off my car at Bill Cooke for its 30K servicing. On the way back, I decided to stop at Ralph's Ribs. Ralph had told us the other night that they're out first thing in the morning cooking on their big smoker and grill, so I thought I'd stop in to say hi.

Well, Ralph wasn't there, but I chatted for a while with John, who was turning and moving half chickens for today's lunch. They're using apple and cherry wood, and it smelled incredibly good. I definitely still have the smoky smell on me and my clothes.

Robert (co-owner with Ralph) drove up while I was there, so I got to chat with him a bit more, too... and meet his dog! Brook is a gorgeous and sweet black lab, who at 12 1/2 is suffering from osteo-arthritis, but since a period in October when he couldn't really move at all, Robert's had him on some serious doggie drugs that have him in as good shape as he's going to be.

So I'm thinking I need to go back down there for lunch and try out the pulled pork... or the chicken. Who's going to join me? (Yes, they even have a few things for vegetarians!)

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