Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A pleasant call

I was just pleased to get a call from my friend Alan Cohen. Tonight at midnight is the end of his eight years as mayor of the City of Ithaca, and he was calling to say I was one of the people who made it possible, and to thank me. I thought that was very sweet! I was involved on his first campaign, way back in 1995, and was one of his two campaign managers on his re-election in 1999.

Not everyone loves Alan or his politics, but I think he's a genuinely good guy who always did what he thought was best. I also feel strongly that four more years of Ben Nichols would have been bad for the City, and four years of Dan Hoffman would have been disastrous.

But whatever. :-) Alan's done, and I bet he's going to have lots of free time in the coming weeks! He reminded me that it's his turn to buy dinner (I bought at Kayuga last month).

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