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I like this hotel...

We're in the Tysons Corner Ritz-Carlton for my cousin's wedding this weekend. It's a beautiful building, with lots of dark wood in the lobby and lounge areas.

The guest rooms don't look substantially different from most decent hotel rooms, though I like that the entry hallway has a little table, and there's a closet with a real door, and an automatic light. There's a little valet stand next to the door to the adjoining room (no idea who's next door; our parents are down the hall) and the combination TV stand and bureau is a gorgeous, rich, medium-dark wood. The bathroom does have a very nice, large tub, which I'd fit in if I wanted a bath! It's angled, so it doesn't need more space lengthwise to be longer. And of course there are several little bottles of toiletries, with mouthwash and shower gel in addition to the more common set of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

What really impresses me is the health club. The pool and hot tub are decent; nothing special. Step into the locker rooms, though, and you see the difference between an ordinary hotel and a Ritz-Carlton. They have a decent-sized sauna and steam room in there (no co-ed facilities, sadly), showers and bathroom facilities as you'd expect, but also several sinks nicely outfitted with razors, Q-tips, washcloths, towels, shaving cream, liquid soap, deodorant, and lotions. Nearby is a water cooler with decent-sized plastic cups, rather than those too-tiny paper cones. Attendants keep coming through, and there are nice fluffy bathrobes you can wear back up to the room! (Guess what I'm wearing while typing this?)

I'd be unlikely to stay at a place like this on my nickel, but it's a nice treat once in a while!

Gotta start getting dressed soon, and I'll post more about the wedding stuff later.

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