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This evening's wedding

Tyler and Lisa's wedding was held in a beautiful atrium building (called, suitably, "The Atrium") at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in nearby Vienna. It was a pretty simple ceremony and a relaxed evening, though everyone was certainly all dressed up. Good dinner of lamb and salmon with vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Lisa had told me last night that some of her single women friends had asked if there were going to be any single guys there, so I'd better not be sitting on my ass while the dancing was going on! I took her at her word, and spent lots of time dancing with a few of the women. One, Tyler's cousin on the other side of his family, seemed to be half-dancing in place, so I got her up to the dance floor. Another was one of the women sitting next to me, who I had several dances with.

There's a brunch tomorrow for out-of-town relatives, before we all hit the road. I finished up tonight by taking advantage of the big-enough-for-me bathtub, and I'll hit the hay shortly.

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