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I've spent most of today (except for several minutes engaged in commenting on your various posts) preparing for Thursday's office move. I've ditched lots of stuff, including a small stack of ancient software. (Very old Virtual PC, anyone? QuickMail? I can go grab it.)

Spent a few minutes thinking about whether I need the boxes from my PowerBook, digital camera, iPod, and iSight, or whether I should just recycle them. I broke down the PowerBook box before realizing it might've come in handy in packing. Ah well. Ditched the camera box, but kept the iSight and iPod boxes for now.

Also got rid of most of my stash of campus mail envelopes, adding them to the pile in the mailroom. They're always there if I need some.

I should keep the Mac OS X Server 1.0 box and the 1.2 update CD for amusement value, for now, though the Mac OS X 10.0 boxed copies will probably go away.

Some of it might be tempting to toss onto eBay to see what happens. Some of this is even mine, like the NeXT product literature from 1988. A similar vintage NeXT poster fetched something like $80 on eBay about two years ago.

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