Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


I found the tech support group, and borrowed some Panther CDs since my personal set is at home (took it out of the laptop bag for the weekend road trip) and my office set is still packed somewhere.

There's also a coffee pot out in the back hallway, which I hadn't explored. It's not good coffee, but it'll do until we can get some decent coffee going in this suite. Rich and I are really the only serious coffee drinkers; Dan switches to decaf after 8am or so. It will seem absurd to go up from the basement to the second floor for coffee regularly... especially since I'll never know until I get there whether there's anything there. Tom's coffeecam suggestion (which would really bring webcam technology full circle) presupposes transparent carafe, which we lack! (The thermal carafe probably can't be clear.)

My desk is reasonably set up, though I can't find my Apple Pro Speakers (without which the G4's single speaker, down by the floor, isn't really adequate for music) or the clip thingy with my name for the outer wall of my cube.

It'll probably be weeks before I can unpack the rest of the stuff.

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