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The more things change...

Without really giving anything away that you wouldn't already know from TV Guide listings, last night's episode of "Star Trek: Enterprise" really laid it on a bit thick with the religious zealot suicide bomber message. The original Trek often pounded us over the head with its messages, and TNG did once in a while, but it's been a long time since there's been something quite as clear as last night's sledgehammer of an episode.

We were also amused by the glimpse of computer display where the files that had just been erased by the bad guy were being measured in XB... an exabyte is a million terabytes, which is a thousand gigabytes. (LaCie's introduction of a terabyte drive this week was thus overshadowed by the knowledge that a TB drive is already passé.)

I love the new era of Star Trek. Can you see Scotty shrieking, "Captain! The Klingons just deleted our backup tapes! Get 'em!"?

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