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Chestnut preserves?!

This morning's breakfast was accompanied by chestnut preserves, something completely new to me. My parents got that jar, and a few other varieties, from the family in France we've been in touch with since my high school days. Their son (about my age) stayed with us for a week when his class came to Dobbs Ferry, and then I stayed with them the following year when my French class went to Roissy-en-Brie, a suburban town outside Paris.

I guess I last saw them when they were in the US and briefly visited Ithaca with my parents ten or so years ago. Eric's parents and sister Marie-Pierre were traveling; he and his wife didn't come. I last saw them in 1989, when my mom and I were briefly in France, having traveled with my father to Italy for a business trip he "had" to take. :-)

Definitely need to get back to France one of these days and see all these folks.

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