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More Mojitos

Last night's mission was to see my friend Alan Rose perform (go buy his CD), but a secondary mission was to try the Mojitos at Maxie's, where he was playing.

I'm a huge fan of the Mojito at Bistro Q, and had heard recently from kenshardik that the one at Maxie's was passable, too. (I made him try one at Q just last week.)

Well, the Maxie's Mojito was quite tasty, as were the Cajun Popcorn (fried crawfish nuggets, basically) and shellfish platter. I just wish the place had planned their dinner seatings better. They had people sitting over in the area where the performer is supposed to be, and rather than be rude to the four diners by rushing them along, they were rude to the 15+ folks who came to see Alan play. The show was supposed to start at 9pm... and on a Tuesday night, he really wasn't able to get started until about 10:45. :-( It blows my mind that they would have seated a party that could still be there until 10:15 when they needed that space clear... oh, two hours earlier.

Great music as always, but I didn't feel I could stay until 1am and be useless today, so I left around midnight. Frustrating.

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