Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Thanks to Mike (who got an invite) and fabunobo, I got to have lunch today at the new Chili's that's opening on Route 13 on Thursday. They do a series of invite-only meals for training purposes (most restaurants do something like that right before opening) and we were able to enjoy free meals. (Had to pay for alcohol, though.)

The catch? They gave each party a slip as they walked in, telling them what appetizer or dessert they'd be ordering, and each member of the party got a different menu, so as to mix up the items being ordered and give the cooks lots of practice with everything.

Our slip said we had to ignore the waitress's scripted push for the special appetizer of the month, the Shanghai boneless wings, and order the southwest egg rolls. I think Aaron would've preferred to get the cheesecake slip!

The Presidente Margaritas were good, but I guess over $6 each. Considering that's all we had to pay for, that's fine, but I'll think twice about spending that on a margarita that's plentiful, but not up to Loco Gold standards. (Will I ever find a substitute? I doubt it.)

My cajun grilled tuna sandwich was excellent, with a big slab of tuna steak that overflowed the big roll. The babyback ribs Shane got were an impressive rack, but nowhere near as meaty or tender as Ralph's.

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