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I'm sitting at home waiting for UPS for a delivery that should have been here by now. They left a delivery notice slip yesterday saying they needed my signature in person; I couldn't just sign the slip. The "before 10:30" time is checked off for when they're supposed to try again today. I have no idea what the package is, but it better be worth it.

I haven't even dared take a shower yet, knowing that's when they'd show up.

But I just finished watching this Tuesday's "24." Also finished last night's "Smallville," which I stopped in the middle to go to bed around midnight. The "Smallville" was very intense, but not very good. Next week's looks like a February sweeps stunt... some hot girl is obsessed with Clark, so climbs on his bed wearing slinky lingerie. *rolls eyes* Last night's "Star Trek: Enterprise" had similar moments.

"24" was good, but I'm not sure it was an hour's worth.

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