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Had a good breakfast at Manos (the Diner of Fate) with sajego and seity1 and child_of_oz early this afternoon. (We tried to go to Q, but they had a 20 minute wait for tables... after which the service would probably have been even more sluggish than usual.)

I had a feeling I'd like Steve from what Sara's told me about him, but if there were any doubts (and there really weren't) they'd have been wiped away when he tried to order "breakfast." It was a very "My Cousin Vinny" moment. He had to think about it before he could elaborate on what he wanted. He wanted... breakfast!

Nothing much to do before BFG, though I do have to do a little shopping before I head over there. Need some water and root beer and sugar for the kiosk, and one or two things for me.

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