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Busy supermarket!

I think everyone who left the overly mobbed Bistro Q headed up the hill to the P&C supermarket. When I went over there (not right after we were done with breakfast) there were a bunch of people in the aisles... and they all decided to check out around the same time.

Those poor people had one checkout lane open, plus the two express lanes, and all had long lines.

The woman from the service desk finished up with who she was helping there, and came to help bag at the single lane. After a few minutes of that she opened another lane.

If I didn't really need the stuff for tonight, and if I hadn't spent 20 minutes picking it all out, I would probably have decided to leave my cart full of stuff just sitting somewhere and go home without it all. I don't mind waiting my turn, but I hate when there are long lines because the store just doesn't know how to handle a crowd. (Tip: Open another lane. Quickly. Grab someone from another part of the store and open yet another one.)

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