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No beer?!

Phil and Mary were too pooped for the usual post-BFG food outing, but I definitely wanted a drink and could do with some food, too. Terry and I decided to head down the hill to the new location of Napoli Pizzeria, where the group has been going most Sundays for the last several months. (The Nines had gotten to be too noisy and crowded on Sundays; they were doing more Sunday night music, making it less of a good place to relax with food after the show.)

Well, the new Napoli, in the ground floor of the Gateway Plaza, right next to their old shoebox of a building, looks great! It's clean and modern and shiny and bright. Unfortunately, they need to get a new liquor license to be able to serve beer and wine at their new location! Never mind that it's the same business, with the same owners, only a few yards away. It's a new address, so they need a new liquor license.

We thought about that for a little while, and contemplated staying. Both of us wanted beer, though, so we headed up to Wings Over Ithaca. 25 "cruisin' altitude" wings and a pair of Guinness Draft bottles later... we're both much happier.

As we left Napoli, one of the staffers outside for a smoke saw us leaving just after we'd arrived, and asked, "What happened? No beer?" I guess we're not the only ones who've seen no point in staying when they can't serve beer. I hope that gets resolved quickly.

-4 as I drove back across town. NOAA warns that we could have record-breaking lows tonight... as low as 20 below. Whee!

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