Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A working PowerBook!

Well, my replacement PowerBook arrived on Monday afternoon at 3... the last moment before Apple's FedEx standard overnight shipment became free. Not that I care, since it wasn't my FedEx money. :-)

I'm very pleased with the new laptop. For starters, it works. The old one had kept getting worse each time I sent it for repair. Rargh. I finally get reasonable battery life again, and have a working media drive.

Also, it's a vastly better model than the one I had, which I bought a little over a year ago, when the Titanium models were quite new. This one has a combo drive (writes CDs as well as reading CDs and DVDs), a 15.2" 1280x854 display that's, somehow, even hotter than the original, a DVI digital video output port, audio input without using a USB adapter (woo!), and, yes, much better AirPort reception.

I almost feel as though I've gotten away with something. I say "almost" because they really put me through hell over the last five months of increasing frustration. So, I do kind of feel as though I deserve this new, better machine.

And, yes, I'm satisfied. I even have it almost back to the point where it's got my whole environment the way I want it.

Naturally, I named the three partitions after single-malts. :-) The primary partition is Macallan, with Glenlivet and Glenmorangie as extra partitions for playing around with other OSes. (My new desktop machine from last fall is named Lagavulin, and an old beige G3 is Glenfarclas.)

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