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Really cold fruit

Once in a while, one or two of the divisions within CIT has an office breakfast. Cindy Pataki, one of the middle managers in a division that works with mine a lot, started talking about a breakfast for our two divisions about a week ago, telling us to save the date, and plan on coming hungry.

Since I'm rarely at work before 10am, but I figured it would be good to be sociable and see some coworkers, I actually made plans last week to do this morning's sportscasting shift so I'd be sure to be awake and on the right side of town in time to get some breakfast!

Got to the office at about quarter to nine (a really unusual occurrence) and had a really good salmon and cheese omelet, a piece of challah french toast, and some fresh scrapple. (Mmm.)

Someone brought large bags of frozen fruit salad. I'd never seen this before, though it makes sense. Everything else is sold ready-to-eat these days! I took a bowl almost two hours ago and it's still too painfully cold to eat.

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