Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Clean car...

Oh, on my way to work this morning I grabbed one of my coupons for Squeaky Clean and went through the car wash. Those of you who've been to my home know that I'm not a cleanliness freak, and I usually don't worry about the car getting dirty. But it's been caked in grime for months, and it was really getting yucky. All the door handles and trunk latch were a mess. No fun.

So now my car is all shiny and clean, at least for the next couple of days while it's beautiful and sunny. I'm sure there'll be mud splatters on it soon, and another snowfall is inevitable, but I feel better about driving the thing around. At least this weekend in Albany and Vermont, crusty cars were the norm, not the exception. I've driven south in the winter and gotten very funny looks before. :-)

2pm software training thingy might be useless, might not. We shall see.

A few quick e-mails last night and today have lined up several hundred dollars worth of radio advertising for the next few weeks. The Cornell Athletic Ticket Office is running some ads for National Girls and Women in Sports Day this weekend, and Ithaca College is running some ads for Ed Tech Day next month. Someone already lined up Wings Over Ithaca ads for their contest next week (without talking to me, which was one of the reasons I was in a bad mood yesterday) and I'm waiting to hear on a couple of others.

Random free trays of lasagna in lunchroom made for a good, if salty, lunch. This was definitely a nice surprise, since I didn't know yet what I was going to do when Bruce's e-mail hit the building mailing list.

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