Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


It's incredibly bright and sunny out, as it's been the last few days. I love how Ithaca's winters include not just grey, gloomy days, but also long stretches of sunshine. We've even got some serious above-freezing temperatures on the way this weekend. First high-40s day in almost two months will be the day we finally have a new batch of long-sleeve t-shirts to sell at Bound for Glory! Ah well.

Not in my basement this morning, since I've got a physical therapist appointment at 11 and saw no point in going across town for a brief visit to work before coming most of the way back. So, I've been doing a little work e-mail catching-up at home until 11 rolls around. My group is having pizza at the Nines for lunch at noon. Not sure I'll bother heading there after PT; we'll see.

Meantime, catching up on a little TiVo in the background. Right now, last week's "Smallville." I love February. :-)
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