Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Tension? Never!

The physical therapist commented that there's a lot of tension in my neck muscles, after I commented that the way she was rubbing them with her thumbs felt very good.

That was the last step of this morning's visit, after lying on my back with a heating pad under my shoulders, and then a few minutes with her ultrasound gizmo.

I'm really kind of appalled that Susan, the nurse I spoke to at Guthrie who's the same one I was unimpressed by when I had questions about the x-ray report and blood screening, hadn't bothered actually faxing over the stuff I asked her to, at Jen's request. I think next time I call, I'm going to ask for "anyone other than Susan." Though, since she's my doctor's nurse, I'm not sure what choices I have.

Need to find the bean-filled or rice-filled cloth neck wrap thing that my aunt gave me years ago. You put it in the microwave for a minute and then drape it on your neck, and it provides moist heat. Wonder where it is.

Decided not to bother going to the Nines.
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