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All keeyoo's fault

Had a hankering for Ralph's Ribs this afternoon thanks to something Michelle said, so Laura and I went down there to get a quick dinner. I'd been curious since my first visit two months ago about the stuffed chicken wings... but hadn't gotten around to trying them until now.

Well, I'm not going to bother again. The meat filling that they stuffed into the wings where the bone had been was pretty bland, but had an odd taste that I really didn't like. There was a really spicy dipping sauce that was good, but not good enough to really make the stuffing taste good.

Should've just had the ribs. At least the side dishes were good; we split cole slaw, "southern caviar" (black-eyed peas and a couple other things mixed together), and the amazing collard greens. And at least now I know.

So I'm going to have to try again to have some good BBQ soon...

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