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Four point weekend!

As I predicted, Cornell's men's ice hockey team stepped up to the plate this weekend for the final pair of home games of the regular season. St. Lawrence and Clarkson aren't exceptional teams, but they, especially Clarkson, tend to bring out the best in the Big Red.

Friday night's St. Lawrence game got off to a shaky start, but ended well, and last night's game against Clarkson was one of the highest-energy match-ups we've seen at Lynah all season. Cornell won both, and as a result, we finish in second place in the conference, and earn a "bye" in the playoffs. That means we don't have to play next weekend's first-round games, and we get a weekend off before hosting one of the Quarterfinal match-ups two weeks from now.

This is good regardless, but one of the reasons I'm especially pleased we're skipping the first round is that I'd been asked to substitute for long-time rink PA announcer Arthur Mintz next Sunday, in the event we were in the first round, and in the event the best-of-three series required a third game. (He has a 6:30am flight that Sunday for a work-related conference in Atlanta.) Laura told me she needed someone "just in case" a few weeks ago, and she said I was the first person she thought of who would know what he was doing. I'm very honored, but frankly, I was terrified by the prospect. The last few weeks I've been paying extra attention to what Arthur says and how he says it, and if last night's results had meant we were playing in the first round, I would have spent some time with him this week working on it.

So, it's official, I won't be at the Region 2 Summit in two weeks, since I will definitely be here watching hockey.

The weekend's postgame activities were fun, too. Had some good Hot Truck courtesy of willdevine on Friday night with seity1 and Joy, and last night zercool and I ended up at Nardi's where elizabetheileen's housemate Melissa works, it turns out. Brian needed food and the kitchen was closed, but it seemed worth having a drink there before we went elsewhere. Before long, we were the only customers left, and she was happy to have us stay and drink more, and order a pizza. We got to watch roughly the last half of the hockey game, which Time Warner Sports was showing on a two-hour delay. (Weird, but convenient.) So, we got to watch some of the highlights again. It was quite clear that Cornell's game-winning goal was valid, despite Clarkson goalie Dustin Traylen's violent complaints. His claim that it shouldn't have counted because there was a Cornell player in the crease was obviously ludicrous; our guy was in the crease because he'd been knocked down there and Traylen was sitting on him.

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