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Definitely hit my seafood quota this weekend...

Between yesterday's and today's brunches, I've had lots of good seafood this weekend. Went to Bistro Q with the hockey gang yesterday morning (they're all getting into it) and had the lobster and brie omelet that I'd wanted but didn't get two weeks ago. It was an excellent omelet, one of the best I've had in ages.

Went again this morning with ruffian_wind and her friend Jay and seity1 and got to have the seafood hash special, awesome fresh monkfish, salmon, shrimp, prawns, and artichoke with potatoes and onions, and two eggs over easy.

Enjoyed the sunshine and warmth down by the waterfront, and right now I have the balcony door open (screened) and a kitchen window open to get lots of fresh air in. It's been way too long.

Vaguely tempted to go for a walk, which I did yesterday afternoon with Sara (no, not you, the other one!). I may drag myself off the couch before it's time to pack up for BFG. We'll see!

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