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Guess I don't get an office anytime soon...

(Just sent this to Dave, who designs office setups for CIT. I want to be grateful to have a job at all, but this office nonsense, and a last-minute cancellation of the staff meeting that kept me from taking the time to go seek a decent lunch, makes it tough.)

Hi, Dave! I was pleased to see you over at our office a few minutes ago, as I've been looking forward to talking to you about the upcoming renovations to our suite. Jon told us that Jim told him that you were "iterating in the design phase," so I was expecting to hear from you or someone else soon.

I figured you were here to talk to us, so I was very surprised when I realized that you'd left after talking to Lee.

Can you give us a projected timeframe for when our offices will be created? The fact that no one has yet talked to me about what I'll need for my office makes me suspect that it's still weeks or months away.

Since the renovations were to occur by the end of January, I wasn't worried about spending a couple of weeks without a usable office. When that got pushed back to mid or late February, I figured I could live with it. But now that I've been in my "temporary" location for nearly two months with no end in sight, there are a number of things that I'm going to ask be changed this week if the renovations aren't happening within a week or two... which clearly can't be the case. Dan and Lee and Rich are still in limbo about when they'll have to vacate for the renovations, but at least having moved down here in December, and having full-size offices, they've been able to unpack and go about their work.

There are obviously some things that CAN'T be done in my current space to make it usable. For example, it will still be too small for me to unpack the rest of my stuff, or for someone to join me for a brief meeting. But, I've spent too long with my desk, computer, and chair in positions that exacerbate my back problems, so that needs to be fixed. My physical therapist gave me a hard time a couple of weeks ago for letting it go this long... so, no longer.

Please let me know what the current plans are for G41, let me know when you'll be ready for input into our needs, and help me figure out what to do to get my temporary space to a usable state if I'm going to be in it for more than another few days. Thanks.

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