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Really good day today

Hard to say what the high point of my Memorial Day was. Got to chat with several good friends online, some just for a minute, and some for a good while. Ended the day seeing the DeNiro film "Insomnia" with friends. Worth seeing.

The BBQ (which I probably ought to finish cleaning up from) was fun and relaxing, and we had some delicious food.

I always try to remind people (sometimes pretty broadly, like on the radio) to reflect on what Memorial Day is about... i.e. not just picnics and a day off. Today I had the privilege to chat with someone who I met only yesterday -- but today, when he saw my "USS Enterprise" shirt, asked if it was an aircraft carrier. (It is, and it's my favourite carrier; I have other shirts about the starship.) We talked about his Navy service immediately following World War II. He served aboard a light cruiser detailed to the Mediterranean, with the task of picking up GIs in Europe who were ready to come home. I'm guessing he's older than I thought he was at first glance. :-) Part of a remarkable family, in any event.

I think that was the high point of my Memorial Day.

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