Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

The power of good food

As I suspected it might, going for a really nice dinner last night helped my mood immeasurably. sajego arrived just in time for us to get to Dempsey's before 10, which is when they'd told me we needed to be there by if we wanted to be fed.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't crowded at this point; there was a party of five that was just a few minutes ahead of us in their dining process, and a few people in the other dining room and the bar.

The portabello aragosta was a great appetizer as always. (Mmmm, mushroom.) Sara ordered the stuffed shrimp, after I admitted to her that I'd had virtually nothing from the menu. I almost always get specials. That was true last night, too. I ordered the swordfish romana, grilled and crusted with breadcrumbs and grated romano cheese.

We really went to bed pretty much right after getting back from dinner. I'd had an exhausting week, and she'd driven up from New Jersey, so neither of us was all that energetic. Just as well. Since Sara gets to work at 7, she really can't sleep that late, even on weekends, and she woke me around 6:30. We got to the Johnson Museum nice and early for the Hangar's touring production of Jack and the Beanstalk, featuring child_of_oz as Jack's father. The production, which features hearing and deaf actors, is both spoken and signed. Very cool, and very well done, but I think better suited to the elementary school kids they're seeing during the week than to the really young kids who were today's audience. I think it was too long for four-year-olds and their parents. Ah well. This 36-year-old had fun. :-)

Now engineering a hockey radio broadcast, then hoping to see some of seity1's game this evening.

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