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"You didn't bring the pizza box?!"

Now that was one of the weirder dreams I've had in a while. First of all, when the name of the guy I was going to Florida to meet was Bill Mumy, it should not have surprised me when the Bill Mumy actually turned up. It's kind of amusing that the name garnered no recognition until I saw him, though.

I got a large, empty pizza box, as requested, and I think one or two other things, though I can no longer remember what they were. Flew to DC, and then to Florida, I think. Maybe part of it wasn't flying. Met him at the airport, and he was understandably miffed that the pizza box was resting, safe and sound, in my trunk back home.

I've met Bill Mumy (he was in the original "Lost in Space" series as well as "Babylon 5") but I'm at a loss to imagine why he would have figured so heavily in this dream. I haven't seen him in ages, in person or on TV.

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