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DISH Network and Viacom, grow up...

An e-mail I just sent to DISH Network's CEO...

There is no difference between Viacom wanting to bundle several channels together so you must carry them all, and DISH Network wanting to bundle several channels together so I must pay for them all. You've raised your rates. They're raising their rates. What's the difference?

Why do you think that by taking away the programming I want, I will accept your side of the story and gripe to Viacom for you?

Unless you care to return my monthly rates to where they were when I first subscribed, and then unbundle the channels I'm not interested in and charge me less, accordingly, I'm not interested in participating further in your corporate wars.

Saying you'll credit me a dollar for CBS and a dollar for the MTV Networks is insulting. I'm paying you a monthly amount for a package of programming. If you fail to provide me that package of programming, you should not charge me any of that monthly amount.

[What's it all about?]

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