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Performance review

After looking over my written performance review that Jon handed me yesterday, I had an appointment with him today to talk about it.

For the first time, I had something substantive under "areas for development." Pleased to hear that it was only because they were told to come up with something for everyone in that category. *rolls eyes* Nevertheless, since my area for development is due to other people's failing to provide working software, I asked him to include a notation to that effect. He agreed to.

My overall performance rating is "meets expectations," 3 out of 5. I'd like that to be "exceeds expectations;" I understand that "superior" is rare. Since my competency rating is "mastery" instead of "command" for two out of seven categories, and "command" means "fully meets the basic requirements of the position," I want to suggest that I exceed expectations rather than just meeting them. "Command" across the board would meet them.

Also asked Jon how I could work on earning "mastery" in those categories in the future, and he pointed to the "key competency matrix" that gives examples. I'm going to start by seeing if there are any areas for which this review should have higher ratings. He admitted that he and I don't work closely together enough for him to always know what I'm up to, so there may be things I'm doing that he's unaware of.

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