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Abrupt end to the season

The last time Cornell lost an ECAC playoff series at home was in 1988... to Clarkson. Last night, the Golden Knights beat Cornell 5-1 to win the best-of-three series that ends Cornell's hockey season and sends Clarkson on to Albany for the ECAC tournament.

After Cornell's decisive win on Friday night, it looked as though we'd have no problem dispatching Clarkson and moving on to the tournament. But a completely different Clarkson showed up Saturday night and last night. Cornell, playing a couple of players down both nights, couldn't keep up.

As I said, the up side is that I have my weekends free for the next month. I really hadn't planned anything, keeping my options open to go to Albany and then to the NCAA regionals and Frozen Four as necessary. I suppose I could still go to the Frozen Four; John has a ticket set aside for me. But I'm a lot less interested in that tournament now. :-)

There's been other stuff going on, some good and some bad, but that'll have to wait until it coalesces better in my head.

The only thing I have scheduled today is a late-morning appointment with Cornell's ergonomics doctor to evaluate my workspace for proper arrangement. It seems pointless, since I'll be moving into my real office eventually, but I guess this will help ensure my new space can be constructed to the right specs.

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