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Still stiff...

Last night's game would have been a marginally less painful experience were it not for the more-cramped-than-usual quarters at our seats. A lot of regulars didn't buy their season tickets, so random other people did. The fairly large guy who's been in front of me much of the season was there, but I'm used to him. I can usually get my knees around his back, or to one side, depending on who he's with and how they sit.

But last night there was a family behind us with a little kid who was adorable but taking up extra space... and there was a couple right in front of Joy for whom the provided space-per-person was grossly inadequate. She's not short; there was really no place for her legs. The folks to my left went home after the second period, so she was able to move over there for the third.

I feel as though the benefits of my hot tub visits this weekend were swept away by spending the evening squashed, and by a really restless and inadequate night's sleep. (But I still enjoyed the hot tub!)

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