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Ginger chicken

I'm really pleased with how last night's dinner turned out, so I thought I'd share!

Before I left for work yesterday morning, Joy, who's staying with me for a bit, and I talked about what to have for dinner. Chicken (I had a few boneless pieces left from last Wednesday, frozen) and homemade macaroni and cheese were the top contenders, and we decided to go with chicken. I took it out to defrost over the course of the day.

While at work, I asked on #ithaca what I should do with boneless chicken. keyoo authoritatively suggested sauteeing in olive oil with a little sesame oil, then making a sauce of ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and soy sauce.


Hopped up to the store mid-afternoon to pick up ginger and cinnamon, plus some snow peas and a loaf of fresh bread. They make fresh bread three times a day, and guarantee it's hot at 4:00 or it's free. At 4:02 I asked where the hot bread was, and the bakery lady said it would be about 15 minutes. "So it's free, right?" Yup! She went and got a little sticker to put over my four-hours-old cold loaf's bar code to tell the cashier not to charge me.

I cubed the chicken and cooked it in my wok pan (not a real wok, but a very effective stovetop tool for stir-frying) in the oil, then drained off some of the liquid (probably should have left more, if not all) and added the other ingredients. Invited seity1 and Dave to join us. Meantime, the rice cooker was steaming the rice, and when the chicken was just about ready, I quickly nuked the snow peas in the fantastic plastic Pampered Chef steamer I got from kitchenqueen a few months ago. They came out yummy and crisp. We started with wedges of iceberg with dressing.

The meal was really simple to prepare, and we were all pleased with how it came out. Took some leftovers for lunch today.
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