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Restful evening

My drive back from Maryland started with good weather, but it got cloudy and then drizzly/rainy. Michelle had e-mailed a few days ago to see what I was going to be up to on Saturday evening, so I called partway up to see what her plans were.

She hasn't quite gotten far enough in her work to get up to Ithaca, so I detoured to her place in Elmira. We went and did some shopping (she needed binder slipcover inserts from Staples, and wanted some clothes) at the Arnot Mall and then had dinner at the Olive Garden.

Olive Garden lets you taste wine before you decide to buy a glass! Dinner was excellent, and I love the atmosphere there. It's kind of like Carrabba's but with lower prices, better service, and better food.

Got home around 9, too pooped to head to the ABC Cafe, and actually went to bed about 10:30. Slept until 8:30. Nothing much planned today before the Ommegang Brewery Chef's Tasting at Willow with ruffian_wind.

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