Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Good morning!

I've been going to sleep earlier the last few days, and one of the downsides to this is waking up at 6:30 this morning... and being unable to get back to sleep.

It's kind of just as well, since I have to be up early tomorrow to head up to Ed Tech Day, but it would have been nice to get the extra sleep to fight off the cough that I acquired from either Dan or Joy.

Ed Tech Day should be a lot of fun as always, and also a good opportunity to see the latest technology and talk to the vendors. If your job involves technology at all, you should plan on getting to IC tomorrow. The event is free, and runs from 9 to 4.

Now I'm not sure whether to take the sick day I told folks I might take, or take advantage of being up early and go to Andrea's 9am meeting about distributing network IDs and computing info to incoming freshman this spring. I should probably stay home, rest my throat, keep the humidifier going, and focus on writing the piece that's due Friday.

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