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Sounds like high praise to me!

- Fitness icon Richard Simmons cited for slapping man

Good visit to Ithaca College's Ed Tech Day this morning. It's always fun to see a handful of local techies who I only see at this annual event, as well as catch up with people I see other places but not often enough. Got to chat a good bit with my web developer friend Mike from Campus Life... whom I've known since he was a counter guy at Bagels Northeast on the Commons several years ago.

One thing that impressed the heck out of me was the couple dozen kids from Candor High School (a district about 15 miles south of Ithaca) all wearing Cisco Systems Networking Academy shirts and jackets. Cisco gave Candor a huge grant for equipment and staffing, and even stipends for needier students, to teach networking to the kids. This group is in a two-year program, spending two periods a day, every day, for two years, learning serious networking skills. They'll be hugely employable when they're done.

Very little hugely impressive in terms of technology that I hadn't already seen, though as usual some neat stuff being shown off. Got to harass Verizon Wireless for not having Bluetooth-capable phones. ("Gee, that's the second time in the last hour someone's asked for that.") Also learned that our region will get number portability on May 29th. The November date was only for the top 40 metro markets. So, in two months, expect to see a lot of churn in wireless subscribers -- without anyone having to change their numbers!

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