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I'm really tired of this cough. Other than a tiny bit of sniffle, I feel fine, but this cough has gotten persistent enough that my chest hurts. I could barely stop coughing on the way home from work last night... and that was with the Halls dissolving in my mouth.

Hot tea is helping for a bit. 12-hour Sudafed is helping for 8 hours or so. (One disadvantage to my high body mass and high metabolism.)

Probably got this from either Joy or Dan, but it's hard to tell which. (No, I didn't kiss either of them. :-P) Dan was in and out of work late last week and earlier this week with a bad cough and faltering voice, and Joy had a dry cough late last week. I guess this seems more like Dan's malady, and I am in a closed environment with him all day, every day. The six hours in the car with Joy probably didn't help.

Ah well. I'll get lots of rest time in this weekend, and kick it. Won't drink much at this afternoon's I&D happy hour at the Chapter House (good opportunity to go there while the kiddies are still mostly out of town; no offense to those reading!) or at dinner with a friend-of-a-friend who's agreed to help me seek out Ithaca's best veggieburger.

That it's getting warm and wet out may help, or may hinder the cough. We'll see.
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