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No more cough?

Thanks to those who shared advice on cough suppression. I grabbed some Dayquil liquitabs at Kristen's suggestion, but since that has Sudafed in it and I'd already taken some this morning, I got some Robitussin to start me off. Between that and the Coldeeze zinc lozenge I popped a few minutes ago, I think I've only coughed once since I got home.

I talked to someone at Guthrie this morning. They were booked solid, so couldn't see me, but I talked to a nurse for a moment, who suggested I could go to Convenient Care (a branch of the hospital that's about two blocks away) or just visit the drug store and see what symptoms I could address. Wasn't interested in the medicines that offered to loosen my congestion and make my cough more productive. Cough suppressant seemed like a much better idea.

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