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When I tried to wake up my laptop this morning, I got a kernel panic. Very rare these days, but very final. When everything was restarted, and I opened the Word document I've been working on, a few hundred words seemed to be gone. Will I be able to figure out what's missing? Dunno. I really need to finish it up, either way.

Yesterday was entirely fogbound, from when I woke up to my midnight drive over to the radio station to let in a locked-out specialty show host. It was almost, but not quite, clear around dinnertime, but otherwise the whole hillside was foggy all day. (I hear it wasn't foggy down the hill, but I never got down there.)

Today's bright and sunny, with a few high clouds, and it looks absolutely wonderful out. I'll have to spend some time out in it! Should at least get to the store to pick up things to serve with tonight's crock pot pork roast, which is already cooking on low.

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