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WOW it's nice out

Really considering finding someplace else to be for the afternoon. carpyscreed shoved me out the door, so I took a little walk before enjoying a chicken salad on wheat and some fresh fruit salad. It's beautiful, clear, crisp, not hot, not humid, and I want to be working outside. Maybe I'll charge up my laptop for a bit and then go do that.

The rest of the week simply isn't going to be this perfect -- 50s and 40s, chance of rain -- so passing up this opportunity seems like a bad idea.

Started this morning in a meeting with a new project group, one that should be fun to be part of. My team lead is trying to get me involved in a bit broader range of stuff, at my request, and involved in more projects. Jon definitely has his heart in the right place. Project management training at the end of April ought to come in handy, as well.

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