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Finally finished that long document (almost 3500 words, I guess) last night, and sent it off along with its associated files. I'm not sure how good it is, or how well it suits the audience, but I guess we'll see.

Definitely a good food day yesterday. Used sajego's gramma's crock pot recipe (well, the one Sara gave her, I guess), combining a roast (or in this case, a package of boneless pork loin chops) with chopped garlic and a jar of pepperoncini. Tossed it all in the crock pot when I woke up, and let it cook all day. That was absolutely incredible. Piquant and flavorful and delicious, and really simple. A little on the spicy side for Laura's tastes, but then she's a wuss. :-) seity1 and ruffian_wind and I loved it. Kelly brought some excellent mashed potatoes with garlic cheese mashed in, and Denise's suggestion for asparagus prep, sauteeing in a little sesame oil with garlic and soy sauce, was fantastic. Fresh Pillsbury dinner rolls and a bottle of McGregor's Black Russian Red rounded out the meal perfectly.

But... while dinner was cooking, Denise wandered over, and we had a lazy breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and pepperoni. (Yes, leftover toppings from Saturday night's pizza!)

Of course, I forgot my leftovers for today's lunch, which is why I needed to contemplate vending machine food, but that's OK. It means I've got a good dinner to look forward to.

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